Our Services

The clinic offers a wide range of services for oral, skin, and head and neck problems.  We offer a one-stop facility for your assessment and treatment, from initial consultation and on-site Cone Beam CT Scanning for taking x-rays and detailed CT Scans of the jaw and head through to surgery and post operative follow up.

We offer surgery under local anaesthesia only or with intravenous sedation, which is done at the clinic.  If you require a general anaesthetic, we use Royston Hospital.

We are affiliated with Southern Cross for certain oral and skin conditions and work with a wide range of other health insurers.

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Skin Cancer

Our skin cancer service is comprehensive, ranging from skin checks by a qualified doctor to complex skin cancer surgery by the specialist team. We are pleased to offer the latest option for the repair of skin and prevention of skin cancers – Vitamin B3.

Head + Neck Surgery

Mr Goodisson offers a highly specialised assessment and surgical service for head and neck cancer including the mouth, head and neck lumps and salivary gland disorders.

Facial Reconstruction

At Scott Clinic we offer an innovative approach to the management of complex facial reconstructive issues using the latest imaging techniques and 3D planning software.

Oral Surgery

At Scott Clinic we offer a wide range of both oral surgical procedures and non surgical intervention for conditions of the mouth and jaws.